This social media-themed course will teach students HOW to learn and their own individual learning style. Students will leave the course with multiple strategies for success in any subject! Topics will include: note taking, student strengths, organizational skills, study skills and test-taking tips. Students will also learn how to put down the phone and make the most of their study time. The course includes a parent night at the end of the course to include families and review strategies to support your student throughout the school year. Students will end the week with their own "Guide to Student Success" binder that is theirs to keep.  

July 22nd-26th @Summit Country Day

July 22nd-26th @Cincinnati Country Day School

Mystery Machine

Who stole Mrs. Norton’s Diamonds!? In this course, students will act as detective as they try to solve the crime of who stole Mrs. Norton’s luxury diamonds! Students will have to compare finger prints, look at crime scene photos and even listen to interviews to help solve the crime. Different clues will be left across the campus for students to work together to find them. Throughout the course, students will also have mini mysteries and team building activities to help strengthen teamwork and problem-solving skills.

July 22nd-26th @ Summit Country Day

Happy Camper Reading Camp

Make sure your camper is packed and ready for a week of reading adventure! During this camp we will begin our day by reading a beloved and acclaimed picture book. This book will be our springboard for a day of fun and learning! Diving into our imagination, we will use art, games, songs, and even baking to practice literacy and math skills that all tie back to a fantastic story. Students will look forward to the big reveal each morning as we find out which book will guide our day.  Each day will be a new adventure! At the end of camp, your “happy camper” will have a backpack packed full of literacy skills!

July 8th-12th @Summit Country Day

Why a T-REx Gives bad hugs

Students will learn about different dinosaurs and the world they lived in. We will cover dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, Stegosaurus and even Velociraptors! They will learn about what these dinosaurs ate, to even how they spent their last day on earth. Students will get to compare dinosaurs from millions of years ago to animals we see walking the earth today. In this course, students will get to explore their outside world and find animals, insects, and plants that remind them of dinosaurs and compare them to what they would’ve looked like in the age of the dinosaurs.

July 29th-August 2nd @Cincinnati Country Day School

A bug’s life

Students will learn what makes an insect an insect. They will get to explore campus and find different insects and make observations about them. They will learn about camouflage and try to find insects that live to stay hidden. They will also learn about different life cycles of insects that can be found in their own backyard. Students will get to act as researchers and draw what they see around their campus to help increase their observational skills.

July 15th-19th @Cincinnati Country Day School

Space: The Great Frontier

Students will learn about the great frontier! SPACE! Students will learn about the planets in our solar system to the galaxies far, far away! Students will learn everything from a start to a black hole. They will get the chance to learn about different constellations, what the dark side of the moon looks like and the difference between asteroids and meteorites. Students will also get to learn about what it’s like to be an astronaut in space and even try some of the food they eat. Students will get to explore space from CCDS and imagine the possibilities beyond our galaxy.

July 29th-August 2nd @Cincinnati Country Day School