We offer a range of resources for our schools and parents. Listed below are a few of our most popular workshops. 


Academic and Behavioral Teacher Training opportunities

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  • The Impact of Executive Functioning and Organizational Deficits on Teaching
  • Managing Executive Functioning Difficulties and Deficits
  • Understanding and Improving Common Behavioral Problems in the Classroom to  Increase Learning
  • How to Understand and Engage Common Classroom Behavioral Concerns and Difficulties
  • Effectively Manage Classroom Behavior and Improve Academic Performance for Children with Executive Functioning Deficits
  • Understanding ADHD and Implementing Feasible Interventions to Improve Individual and Classroom Learning, Performance, and Academics

Integrated Literacy Instruction

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  • Effective Guided Reading Instruction
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Tailored Literacy Training - designed specifically for your school! 
  • Launching Your Reading or Writer's Workshop
  • Using Mentor Texts in Writer's Workshop
  • Primary Writing Workshop: Teaching Our Youngest Writers
  • Assessing Student Writing
  • Teaching Comprehension Strategies Using Read Alouds
  • Shared Reading and Interactive Writing: Key Tools for Primary Literacy
  • Launching Books Clubs in the Classroom

Classroom Management Workshops

  • Classroom and Student Behavioral Management
  • Developing Whole Class or Individual Behavior Plans
  • Establishing Effective Class Meetings
  • Setting up a Classroom Management Plan
  • Establishing Routines to increase student engagement
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