This Is How We Finish Strong

The end is in sight. It’s been a great year, and our students have so much to be proud of. It is not uncommon for students to hit a slump this time of year and lose motivation. This week we are asking our families just two simple questions to gain some insight about how to finish strong.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica is the mother of three children - a girl (15) and two boys (13, 10). She says she definietly sees a decrease in drive and work ethic this time of year, but extra communication and organization is the key to keeping her busy family motivated.

Do you notice your children struggling to stay motivated this time of year?

Definitely! I can tell they are getting tired of school and especially as the weather turns nicer, we all just want to be outside. Spring sports have also started, so this takes up a lot of time on our nights and weekends. In order to stay on top of school work, I feel like we need to be extra organized. And if I’m being completely honest, I’m kind of over it all too.

What do you do at home to help them finish strong?

I stay positive. I remind them of all the hard work they’ve done so far, and celebrate that summer is near. Like I said, with soccer and baseball starting up, our schedule is extra busy. We always go over our calendar before the week starts, and this includes talking about tests or school projects. Sometimes we even add “Homework Time” into our daily schedule, so we all know when the work is getting done. My younger son does better to get everything done as soon as he gets home, but my daughter is a night owl and can be more productive after she gets home from late practice. We work together to find what works for each of them .

Meet Vanessa.

Vanessa is the mother of two boys, ages 10 and 7. As soon as the nice weather hits, she uses it to advantage!

Do you notice your children struggling to stay motivated this time of year?

I notice it more with my older son, especially around the time of state assessments when he starts complaining more than usual about school. My seven-year-old is in first grade and really loves it, so I haven’t noticed him struggling to stay motivated. He also doesn’t have all that much homework.

What do you do at home to help them finish strong?

We love being outside, and as soon as the weather gets warmer, I get them outside to run off energy. In the colder months, we usually try to complete school work as soon as I get home. But when spring comes, we change that, and I first send them out to shoot baskets or ride bikes. I think the fresh air and exercise helps them when it’s time to come in and work.

Thank you, Jessica and Vanessa! It’s great to hear how commuication, scheduled homework time, and getting outside can help your families!

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Written by Joy Becker, Mentoring Coordinator and Author of 44 & Oxford