Intervention Services

New Year, New Look, Same Personalized Academic Support

Have you seen our new logo? Maybe you already noticed our new name. If so, you probably suspect changes are underway for Connections. Don’t worry! These are all valuable for the students utilizing Connections’ services, and they’ll help us increase our ability to support student learning in the Greater Cincinnati area.

So why the change to Connections Academics? In recent years, Connections has grown by leaps and bounds, and the services we now provide go well beyond a traditional tutoring company. We spent a lot of 2017 examining our growth, refining Connections’ mission and vision, and seeking feedback from parents and families who work with us. One point consistently raised was the connotation of the word “tutoring”. Most people equate tutoring with struggling, and many of the students we serve do not struggle at all. In fact, a significant portion of the students supported through Connections are secondary students in honors and AP classes who want enrichment, academic maintenance, and guidance as they seek to be competitive with their peers.

In addition, many of Connections’ team members have been working with more than just traditional students. In the past year, a number of our team members have begun conducting workshops with teachers and parents throughout Ohio and Indiana. Our talks cover guided reading, guided writing, integrated literacy, classroom management, executive functioning, and ADHD awareness training. Secondary students have also benefitted from the addition of an ACT prep course taught by a sought-out expert.

While we still offer top-notch tutoring for students who need support, Connections has become a one-stop shop for all academic services. In light of that, we feel the name Connections Academics more accurately reflects what our business can do. We’re committed to continuing to provide personal academic plans and the one-on-one interaction you’ve come to expect; we’ll just be operating under a new name and offering even more services.

Did we mention a new service that interests you? Please contact us for more information. Our team contains a diverse group of experts, so if you’re looking for assistance with a topic we haven’t mentioned, we can probably create a custom plan that will meet your needs.

We are committed to helping students find success. We’re here to help!