More Summer Fun

As June comes to a close, are your summer days starting to drag, or are you seizing every opportunity for summer fun? While summer can be busy with family vacations and camps, there also tends to be a lot more down time at home during the summer than during the school year. If your kids are home with you or a nanny this summer, it can be helpful to have a list of possible activities to avoid too much screen time and complaints of boredom. Therefore, my kids and I have enjoyed creating and completing a summer bucket list. Here are my top five tips for creating one of your own.

1.)    Allow everyone to contribute. Many heads are better than one, so both you and your kids should contribute ideas to the summer bucket list. With everyone contributing ideas, there will also be fewer complaints when completing activities because everyone will have the opportunity to do what he or she wants.

2.)    Dream big. Allow your kids to dream in making the summer bucket list. There are no consequences for not completing every activity or rewards for completing everything, so let the kids include a few items that may not end up happening but are fun to dream about. This may also include activities that could be completed on an already-planned family vacation or by adding a weekend getaway to your summer.

3.)    Plan a variety of activities for summer weather. Since Cincinnati weather can be unpredictable, make sure to plan some activities that involve water play (such as splash and water parks) to keep cool on super hot days and some indoor activities (museums and libraries) for rain. Be certain to also plan some outdoor activities that do not involve water for cooler days (parks, zoo, nature centers).

4.)    Plan some activities that can be completed at home. My mother-in-law always says, “Sometimes you just need a home day.” Be sure to include some activities on your list that can be completed at home. These could include crafts, cooking special meals together, or even walks/bike rides around your neighborhood. Adding these activities can help your children avoid boredom when you need a “home day” or have windows of time that you need to be home.

5.)    Place your list in a prominent place where everyone can see it. Placing the list in a prominent place in your home can help your kids remember the ideas they came up with when they are not sure what they want to do on any given day. Additionally, having the list highly visible can remind your kids of all the fun things you have done together as you are able to see the already completed items on your list. This will keep your happy memories together fresh in their minds.

Hope it is helpful, everyone! Have a great summer!

Written by Sara Garrison


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