Meet our Administrative Team

Welcome to the Connections blog! We will use this platform to keep you in touch with Connections throughout the year, and share information about current trends in education!   

On our updated website you may have noticed some new faces on our team!  When Amanda Vaughn started Connections Tutoring, her objective was to provide high quality tutoring services to families in Cincinnati with a focus on communication between teachers, parents, and tutors.  As this became a reality, Connections began to grow and our tutors and consultants are now serving students across the greater Cincinnati area.   We continue to believe that frequent and clear communication is critical in identifying, improving, and allowing students to reach the potential each and every day.  As the demand for Connections tutors and consultation has grown, we realized that more support was needed to directly benefit parents and, most importantly, our students. In fact, Amanda visited several similar tutoring companies in Chicago to glean best practices and realized that the student to director ratio was becoming larger and increasing her ability to maintain the high quality outcomes Connections has provided.    

Thus, Amanda sought out exceptional tutors and consultants to help support this growth.  Fortunately, two of our most respected tutors and amazing individuals were ready to take on these roles!  We are pleased to introduce Ashley Morgan as our Mentoring Coordinator, and Kelly LeBuhn as our Communications Coordinator.  Below we share more information about these wonderful women and how they are able to contribute to our Connections community!  Amanda will continue to be the primary contact person when you reach out to Connections, and she will continue meeting with families, creating personalized tutoring plans, and following up on student growth. 

Ashley has a master’s degree in administration from The College of Mt. St. Joe, and she will be putting her administrative skills to use for Connections.  Ashley is not entirely new to Connections; she has been working as a tutor since the fall of 2013.  In August 2015, she began conducting tutor observations, and starting in January 2016, she will be handling new tutor orientation, checking in with tutors to provide necessary resources, providing professional development, and training new tutors.  While you might not communicate directly with Ashley, she will play a vital role in making sure that your child has an excellent tutoring experience.  In addition to her position at Connections, Ashley is a full-time teacher and runs her own business: NaturallyNati Fitness and Nutrition.

Kelly will be using her exceptional organizational skills to help Connections be as efficient as possible.  Kelly is responsible for completing initial tutor interviews, organizing tutor onboarding, compiling and collecting client and tutoring information, tracking client meetings and schedules, and organizing various tasks for the business side of things.  She screens tutor candidates before initial interviews and helps track and monitor client communications, as well.  In addition to her work with Connections, Kelly works full-time as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Her experience at Cincinnati Children’s makes her an invaluable resource for tutors working with students who need to improve their organization and study skills.

Connections Tutoring is excited to help more students find success in the classroom during 2016!  We will continue to provide you with quality tutoring services and academic support.  Thank you for allowing us to work with your sons and daughters, and thank you for sharing us with your friends!